Returning People Home To Their Families

With more and more Kiwi’s heading across the Tasman to make Australia their new place of residence, it is almost certain that at some time a New Zealand family will have the unenviable task of arranging the details of a repatriation back to New Zealand.
Ormsby Family Funerals is and has been a member of the “Independant Funerals Directors Asociation of Australia” (IFDAA) for a number of years. This gives us the ability to call on any member of the IFDAA  Australia wide to assist with any funeral arrangements we are required to undertake,  ensuring an efficient cost effective and problem free return home.
This can in some cases be a time consuming and costly affair but because we have a network of funeral directors in Australia, it becomes logistically easier and reduces the cost. Please feel free to speak to us about what needs to happen and how we can assist if you should be required to make an overseas arrangement from anywhere in the world.
For family members returning to New Zealand we are able to assist with 24 hour 7 day a week shuttle transport from the Auckland International Airport, Ports of Auckland Cruise Ship Terminal and the Hamilton International Airport to destinations in the Waikato, Waipa & King Country. We are also able to assist with information on Compassionate Airfares.