Bespoke Caskets

Hand Carved Caskets,

Bespoke ” ; anything commissioned to a particular specification. “Custom-made”, “Made to order”, “Made to Measure” or sometimes “Hand-made”

Ormsby Family Funerals has available “Hand Carved” and “Hand Crafted” Forever Beds (caskets) designed and crafted by members of the Ormsby Family in the Otorohanga district.

Hand Crafted Caskets are custom made from solid timber and carved to the personal specifications supplied by the client.

Hand Carved Caskets are MDF casket shells hand carved using a chisel and mallet to produce a uniquely individual product unlike any other either using a design template supplied by our carver or personal specifications supplied by a client.

In either case these caskets are one off products made to order to suit the colour, size, shape and design choices of the purchasing client.

DSC_0060Carved CasketbrownDSC_0059

These caskets we commonly refer to as “Forever Beds”. A hand crafted tribute to securely hold the physical remains of a loved one forever.

The images above show two beautifully hand carved ‘ Split Lid” caskets where the lid comes in two parts. Either one or both lids can be removed for viewing purposes or only the lower half remains fixed and the upper lid is removed for viewing purposes.

Because of the work involved with personalising  these “forever beds”, they are often pre-ordered and pre-purchased. If you require a personalised “forever bed” that is befitting of a loved one, call us to discuss a number of financial options and plans we have available to pre-order or purchase or email