Pre Paid – Pre Arrangements


Ormsby Family Funerals offers cost effective, secure and simple funeral Pre-Arrangments and Pre paid Funeral Contracts.
Pre Arrangements are important if you want your bereaved family, friends or associates to know what your wishes are to be at the time of a funeral. There is no requirement to Prepay when making a Pre-Arrangement, but  for the person or persons paying the funeral account a Prepaid Funeral ensures minimum financial and emotional stress.
Your Prepaid Funeral funds are held in a secure Bank of New Zealand trust account and require the signatures of three appointed signatories accompanied with a certified copy of a Registration of Death Certificate.
The three signatories/trustees required to sign off on funds when required are
  1. Sarah Ormsby: (Ormsby Family Funerals HAMILTON),
  2. John Ormsby: (Ormsby Family Funerals OTOROHANGA)
  3. Accountant
Our prepaid funeral contracts provide for the persons or families that wish to remove the future financial burden of a funeral for surviving partners or family members.
  1. Funds held in each account are transferable to any person nominated by the fund owner for the purposes of paying  funeral costs.
  2. Funds will be released to another Funeral Provider other than Ormsby Family Funerals at the request of the fund owner for the purposes of paying funeral costs.
  3. Funds will be released to cover the costs of any item related to a funeral including memorial headstones and plaques.
These Prepaid Contracts are flexible, simple and transparent. Regular account information is issued monthly, quarterly, bi annually depending on your preference.
For further detailed information with terms and conditions, please feel free to contact us at anytime.